The exquisite aesthetic of metal roofing and cladding

Architects and savvy builders are increasingly using metals in their constructions as they recognise their enduring beauty and versatility. The rich patinas and sheens of metal products provide a superior aesthetic, adding elegance and value to your project.

Metalbenz brings your concepts into reality, fabricating metal roofs, cladding, rainwater systems, designer products and installations in every shape and colour. Choose from a wide range of quality metals including copper, titanium zinc, stainless steel, aluminium, Colorbond®, Zincalume® and galvanised steel.

Our metal stock – Metaloptions

Our supply and distribution company Metaloptions, imports metal stock from around the world. Decades of experience means we only choose products of the highest calibre and durability. We’ve cultivated long relationships with top sheet metal producers worldwide and this means we can source materials that match your budget and your design requirements.

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